awAIre 2021 Speakers

Dr. Ambica Rajagopal

Group Chief AI Officer, Michelin

Gregory Brown II

VP Strategy & R&D, UPS

Tim Grayson

Director, Strategic Technology Office, DARPA

Oliver Brdiczka

Principal AI Scientist, Adobe

Abhay Tandon

Director, Innovation Lab, Lowes

Hari Viswanathan

Data Analytics & AI Manager, Coles

Vijayant Kumar

Vice President of Product: Machine Learning & AI, United Healthcare

Anil Rachakonda

Vice President, Co-Pace, Continental

Roger Berg

Vice President North America Research and Development, Denso

Jeffrey DeCoux

Chairman, Autonomy Institute

Justin Davis

CEO, Spectrum Labs

Nadine Alameh, Ph.D

CEO, Open Geospatial Consortium

Jumbi Edulbehram

Global Business Development, AI City, NVidia

Gobe Hobona

Director of Product Management, Open Geospatial Consortium

Stephen Mellor

CTO, Industrial Internet Consortium

Gaƫl Blondelle

Vice President, Ecosystem Development, Eclipse Foundation

Sebastien Ziegler

President, IoT Forum

Jags Kandasamy

Co-Founder & CEO, Latent AI

Tiejun Chen

Architect, Advanced Technology Group, VMWare

Mihai Ciobanu

CEO, Fresh4cast

Marc Pous

Developer Advocate,

Shivy Yohanandan

CTO, Xailient

Prashant Sharma

CTO, Secuvy Inc

Dr. Helen Gu

CEO, InsightFinder

Marco Ferreira


Abhishek Sen

Co-Founder & CEO, NumberEight

Gualter Sampaio

Business Development Director, Enging

Jason Jacobsohn

Founder and Managing Partner, Propellant Ventures

Sheikh Mohammed Irfan

Managing Partner, Bloccelerate VC

William Gilmartin

CRO & Co-Founder, SewerAI

Philippe Cases

CEO, Topio Networks

Gavin Whitechurch

COO, Topio Networks

Kyle Ellicott

Chief Labs Officer, Topio Networks