Marco Ferreira


Marco, who has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computers and a MBA, emphasizes his strong and natural ability for R&D by discovering new solutions or new ways to solve engineering problems, resulting in a strong innovative component that will be a major driving force of this funding proposal. Marco has been featured in 7 international scientific publications as a student within the area of the Enging's work. Marco is also an excellent trade relations officer and reliable technician that can establish close and trustworthy relations with the partners involved. Marco worked in the predictive maintenance area previous working experiences. During his previous job, Marco Ferreira was responsible for business development in some African countries. This experience was fundamental for the establishment of ENG, where he became the financial and business manager. Since then, and despite the very small structure of ENG, his great knowledge and experience in the condition monitoring market were crucial to promote and sell innovative predictive maintenance technologies and allowed ENG to achieve a sustainable growth.

11:45 - 12:30

June 22nd AI Developer Conference

awAIre AI Startup of the Year Competition

Xalient, InsightFinder, NumberEight, Enging, and SewerAI