We are now seeking speakers who wish to contribute to our mission to accelerate the AI market by sharing their experiences and expertise.

awAIre Call for Papers

In the last half decade, the growth of AI has been rapid and relentless. AI insights are providing compelling value to industry, business & consumer markets. As this new technology matures, it is becoming increasingly apparent that AI is permeating and transforming every industry in much the same way that electricity did one short century ago. If AI is thriving in the cloud as processing power and capacities are already there, it is nascent at the edge where the infrastructure is just being put together.

Yet the era of AI is still in its infancy. There are many cycles of evolution to come. We are currently on the cusp of such a cycle, with the development of a new generation of services that are taking account of their context; increasingly valuable; increasingly aware.

awAIre explores the potential that lies at the intersection of AI, IoT, Edge Compute, and focuses on building services that combine data from sensing of their environment, surrounding conditions, or associated data such as language of reference data, leveraging AI to make decisions based on context and act locally based on the decisions made. There are already many examples such as autonomous vehicles and robots. For this future to exist, autonomous objects and humans will have to interact with each other and they will have to understand their surroundings the same way.

The event is Free to Attend and features the AI Developers Conference on June 22nd & AI Executive Conference. A series of special focus roundtables & workshops will be held on 24th June. Over 1750+ participants are expected.

Please submit your proposal to awAIre by filling out the form on the right. The deadline to submit is 23rd April at the latest.