About awAIre

awAIre is the world’s first event dedicated AI that senses and responds to its context, studying the next generation of services that reference their surroundings or contextual data and make appropriate decisions based upon that information. It explores the potential that lies at the intersection of AI, Analytics, Sensing IoT, Geospatial & Edge Compute.
In the last half decade the growth of AI has been rapid and relentless. AI insights are providing compelling value to industry, business & consumer markets. As this new technology matures, it is becoming increasingly apparent that AI is permeating and transforming every industry in much the same way that electricity did one short century ago.
Yet the era of AI is still in its infancy. There are many cycles of evolution to come. We are currently on the cusp of such a cycle, with the development of a new generation of services that are taking account of their context; increasingly valuable; increasingly aware.

awAIre will bring together over 2000 attendees from end users, ecosystem and developers, and 50+ speakers in total with a unique collection of context AI experiences, case studies & insights.

Who Will Attend?

This new generation of services requires new spheres of collaboration. awAIre brings together enterprise end users with ecosystem & developers to build this new generation of services. The AI Executive Conference will have a strong focus on end user cases, views and experiences to clarify requirements, Whilst our AI Developers Conference brings together expert groups and industry bodies to share information on available open source resources and tools available to build the next generation of AI.

Topio Networks’ events have a high participation of senior management, with 25% CxO attendance, and 50% of attendees being Director or above.