awAIre AI Startup of the Year CxO Interviews: Marco Ferreira, CEO, Enging.

 awAIre AI Startup of the Year CxO Interviews:  Marco Ferreira, CEO, Enging.

In the lead-up to the presentation of the awAIre AI Startup of the Year Award at awAIre, we’re taking some time to get to know the leaders of each of the 5 Finalists. Today we are talking with Marco Ferreira, CEO of Enging :

Hi Marco – Tell us a bit about yourself – what led you to get involved in the AI market?

The belief that Enging´s accurate solutions would positively contribute to enhance AI analytics and results-driven capabilities, helping AI to overcome today´s existing limitations and conditionings. With Enging deterministic approach coupled with a strong AI model we can reduce the learning period time to a couple of days and eliminates the need of historical data to build the AI model. 

What is the company uniquely bringing to the AI market?

Precise and accurate data. The actionable data that Enging´s solutions are able to gather used as AI´s data source in order to allow that AI models can be more precise and detailed in the analysis, thus avoiding false alarms that usually are introduced by the usage of historical data ( usually historical data, if existing, always presents gaps/errors/mistakes that, afterwards, will definitely and negatively influence the accuracy of AI results/forecasts) 

What other factors make the company compelling?

As a technological self sufficient company, Enging´s R&D teams created and developed completely non invasive and determinist solutions that, able to monitor the operating conditions of electric machines, have the capacity to detect degradations and incipient faults, while pinpoint its exact location. Not needing historical data or learning periods, these solutions are agnostic to the electric machines brands and typologies, being able to be applied in all types of business sectors, independently of the productions environments or constrainments  

How has the company been involved in the development of context & AI?

The need to respond to forecasts and to the “one million question”: when do we will face an unplanned stoppage, or when will this electric machine will reach the end of its useful life is opening the opportunity for Enging to directly and positively collaborate in the shift from a corrective maintenance to a preventive maintenance, always supported by accurate predictive maintenance results. On top of this pyramid, the existence of AI models that will work all this data and allow the production processes to have much more detailed and at the same time more enlarged and complete info sources. 

How do you see the Context & AI market developing over the next few years?

A natural selection based in credible companies will happen, allowing those that will remain to be able to offer credible and reliable information/solutions to the market. Maturity, specifically in certain business sectors, will occur in the AI market evolving side by side with real field results and outcomes, permitting that AI results can be more actionable. 

Thanks Marco, and best of luck with the Award ! 

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